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The SIL2K Ensemble
Vampire William preys on Carl and Matt (photo: Deron Lord) Cool double-exposure shot of Carl, Matt, Jesse, Robert and Leah performing Stuart McLeod (conductor)'s &quoteInterchange&quote (photo: Deron Lord) Jesse (clarinet) and Robert (guitar) bustin' out some chops (photo: Deron Lord)
This Room
Bill Horist playing some kind of spoked metal thing (photo: Deron Lord) SueAnn, Eveline and Jim ruminate on the burning forests of Zimbabwe (photo: Deron Lord)


Brent Arnold / Lori Goldston / Serena Tideman
Brent and Lori scowl at each other while Serena is caught in the middle (photo: Deron Lord)
Holz Fur Europa
The many rare and wonderful woodwinds of Holz Fur Europa (photo: Deron Lord) Holz Fur Europa and their biggest fan [note: the humour of the photo editor does not reflect that of SIL2K] (photo: Deron Lord)


Wally Shoup / Reuben Radding / Bob Rees
Bob, Wally and Reuben with a Naked Lunch backdrop (photo: Deron Lord) Wally Shoup and Reuben Radding in a softer moment (photo: Deron Lord)


TransAtlantic IceFloe
Close-up of Robert's Guitar (photo: Deron Lord) Stuart looking for a cue from Kevin (photo: Deron Lord)
Child Proof
Detonator Beth, Amy Denio, Matt Duss, John Moen and others play toy sounds for Julian to manipulate (photo: Deron Lord)

2000/11/30 - After Hours at the Seattle Art Museum

Lila, Crispin and Julie spin their web while the players go into combat (photo: Kevin Goldsmith) John closes the game with a Wacky Sax solo (photo: Kevin Goldsmith) Robert is perplexed by the complexity of his whiskey and soda (photo: Kevin Goldsmith)

2000/09/18 - HipSync Records Night

Rik Wright & Friends
Rik jams with Jose, Stu and Reuben (photo: Emily Skinner) Dennis, Rik, Jose, Stu and Reuben bustin' out the chops (photo: Emily Skinner)
Lost Dog
Rik and Jim (photo: Emily Skinner)
Rik, Jim, Greta, Simon and Dan cry out into the night (photo: Emily Skinner)


Bastille Band
Bastille Band conjures up some magic (photo: Travis Hartnett)
Blind Date
Jose, Robert, Stu, Erik and Reuben in action (photo: Deron Lord)


Rik Wright & DJ Vegan
DJ Vegan huddles over the wheels of steel (photo: Emily Skinner) Headless Rik Wright and DJ Vegan set up the grooves while poet Greta Nintzel bares her soul (photo: Emily Skinner)


Close to the floor to feel the energy of the earth (photo: Carl Farr0w) Aaron wraps himself in plastic (photo: Carl Farr0w) Aaron with a roll of carpet and a chair on his head (photo: Carl Farr0w) Aaron dances with a plastic sheet (photo: Carl Farr0w)


Thermogenesis with this->
Twirling the fiery q-tip and brandishing the sword (photo: Carl Farr0w) The caution tape sums up this move pretty well (photo: Carl Farr0w) Getting up close and personal with the fiery q-tip and fingers o' fire (photo: Carl Farr0w)
Greta and Rik take a moment to breathe (photo: Travis Kunkel) Dan Blunck puts a tambourine over his sax's bell for a
change in timbre (photo: Travis Kunkel) Greta fishes for some lyrics as Jim, Simon and Rik tweak it out (photo: Travis Kunkel)


RockStarMatt, one of the DJs who participated in COBRA: Turntables, documented the evening's events with his electronic shutter. Take a look at the pictures on his site.


Stuart McLeod's "Pulse/Impulse"
Carl doing his knob-twiddling thing (photo: Deron Lord) Stu playing vibes (photo: Deron Lord) Robert playing guitar (photo: Deron Lord) Seth playing viola (photo: Deron Lord)
Jose playing guitar (photo: Deron Lord) Jose and Rob in a My Bloody Valentine style shot (photo: Deron Lord) Stuart starts things off with the 1st (Scherzo) movement (photo: Deron Lord) Rob conducting the 2nd (Largo) movement (photo: Deron Lord)
James conducting the 3rd (Fugue) movement (photo: Deron Lord) Carl conducting (photo: Deron Lord) Patrick conducting (photo: Deron Lord) Aaron going big conducting (photo: Deron Lord)
The final two: Jose conducts Robert (photo: Deron Lord)
When tuning to the stars, chairs are optional (photo: Deron Lord)
crushing your head with a violin, trombone and guitar trio (photo: Deron Lord) Wailing on a homemade instrument of unknown capacity (photo: Deron Lord)


The views expressed by the devil do not necessarily reflect those of SIL2K. (photo: Carl Farr0w) Gettin' subversive on your ass (photo: Carl Farr0w)
Elaine di Falco's "Fabric"
Group shot (photo: Carl Farr0w) Is that Elaine or Sandra Bullock? (photo: Carl Farr0w)


Robert Henson's "Graffika"
Rick, Jason, Carl, James, John and Seth (photo: Stacey Lester) James on heavily-processed clarinet (photo: Carl Farr0w) Jason fires up the KAOSS pad (photo: Carl Farr0w)
John doing some pizzicato textures on the cello (photo: Carl Farr0w) Rick holds a chord in his favourite shiny shirt (photo: Carl Farr0w) Robert flips through the book for an ensemble call (photo: Carl Farr0w)
Power Lounge Experimental Ensemble
What does John Bosch do down there?  Only the band knows. (photo: Stacey Lester) 'Kenny G' horn action during 'The Vanishing Acts' (photo: Stacey Lester)
Amy Denio
Amy bathed in yellow light, singing and playing accordian (photo: Carl Farr0w) An eerie red glow surrounds Amy playing sax and drums (at the same time) (photo: Carl Farr0w)


Seattle Guitar Circle
Jaxie and the boys doing their Crafty thing (photo: Carl Farr0w)
Kevin hard at work on his electric cello (photo: Carl Farr0w) Kevin doing knob-twiddling on the mixer (photo: Carl Farr0w)


Bill Horist
Bill wedging an unusual metal object into his strings (photo: Carl Farr0w) Bill bows a cymbal he's affixed to his guitar (photo: Carl Farr0w)


Stuart McLeod's "Pulse/Impulse"
Group in Red (photo: Deron Lord) Jose, Rick, Loren, Stu and Angelina (photo: Carl Farr0w) Stu leads the group to increase (photo: Carl Farr0w)
Stu vs. Stuart (photo: Carl Farr0w) Stu calls the mood (photo: Carl Farr0w) Angelina on the mute (photo: Carl Farr0w)
John Zorn's "COBRA"
Angelina, Robert and James (photo: Deron Lord) Carl Prompting Josť and Rick (photo: Deron Lord) Rick, Seth, Angelina, Robert, Fran and James (photo: Deron Lord) Seth, Josť, Rick, Angelina and Robert (photo: Deron Lord)
Fran with Carl Prompting (photo: Deron Lord) Josť and Rick: Guitar Duo (photo: Deron Lord) Group Change with Rick, Seth, Angelina, Fran, Robert and James (photo: Deron Lord)
Stuart Dempster / Loren Dempster / Greg Campbell
Stuart demonstrates some plumbing technique (photo: Carl Farr0w) Close-up of Stuart doing his thing (photo: Carl Farr0w) Loren feels out some harmonics on his cello (photo: Carl Farr0w)
Greg mixing cookware and trap set (photo: Carl Farr0w) Greg busts out the French Horn (photo: Carl Farr0w) Group shot of the trio in action (photo: Carl Farr0w)


Stuart Dempster
Stuart surrounds an unsuspecting listener with sound (photo: Carl Farr0w)