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The November 19th, 2001 show with Lobot, Manalive vs. MissKick and Otha Major was the last SIL2K weekly show at I-Spy. Watch here for announcements about other SIL2K shows.

2002/05/19 - Sunday - 4:00pm - El Diablo

Miriam Howard has co-ordinated this show as a fund raiser for her marathon in San Diego. The proceeds go to the Leukemia Society! SIL2K Ensemble members Stuart McLeod, Eveline Muller-Graf and James Drage will present an installation at the El Diablo coffee house on Queen Anne. Eveline will be playing her Boeing - an instrument she constructed herself from a variety of dangerous metal objects and parts of airplanes. Stuart and James will process the sound and output it into a multi-channel swirling atmosphere of sound for your listening pleasure. Don't miss this rare melding of hand-built instruments and electronic processing. Also there will be a short set by local diva-multiinstrumentalist Amy Denio. If we're lucky Amy will let Stuart and James process her as well. El Diablo is at 1811 Queen Anne Ave N.

2002/06/08 - Saturday - 11:00pm - Live on KEXP Radio

While the SIL2K Ensemble's previous Sonarchy sets still remain a favourite on the rebroadcast palette, a lot has changed in the world of SIL2K since we last entered the hallowed halls of Jack Straw's studios. We'll be returning with a bunch of new pieces to bring you, and as usual, you can expect lolling beauty, interspersed with cacophonic madness. Please tune in your radios to KEXP 90.3 FM and join us!

2002/06/12 - Wednesday - 9:00pm - The Rainbow

After playing a highly successful show at the Oxygen Lounge in March, SIL2K once again descends upon the Rainbow. The Oxygen Ensemble will be hosting the night and playing the first set, then the SIL2K Ensemble will perform Terry Riley's classic minimalist piece "In C".  Then these two large ensembles will merge to form one mammoth monster jam groove-o-saurus, crashing through the china shop of your mind.