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The November 19th, 2001 show with Lobot, Manalive vs. MissKick and Otha Major was the last SIL2K weekly show at I-Spy. Check the Shows section for info on other shows.



Last night's town meeting at On the Boards meeting went very well. SIL2K's very own Jason Justice was able to articulate the need for finding someone who embraces all fields of Sound Art with open arms. His points were taken well by the rest of the meeting participants and by the attending members of the Search Committee. At this point, we have no plans to post the meeting minutes or regularly publicize the progress of the Search Committee. This may change however, as we get closer to selecting candidates for interviews. We are still soliciting input from the artist community and the regional community at large, and will continue to do so for the next few months. Please feel free to contact any of us to give us your thoughts and feelings.  To see a full list of staff contacts please go to www.ontheboards.org.


We are sad to announce that November 19th will be the last weekly SIL2K show at I-Spy. We've had a lot of fun bringing you these shows over the last two years, but regretfully we aren't bringing in enough people to pay the bills (much less the artists!). Thanks to everyone for your support -- SIL2K will continue to exist through the ensemble and specialty shows which we will bring you from time to time. Please see Stuart's notes on SIL2K past and future on the eGroups site, or read this press release:

[Press Release]


ZU has cancelled their show on November 19th. Otha Major will be opening the show instead.


DJ Cayk has stepped up to spin tapes and discs between sets. He's got a dizzyingly extensive knowledge and library. Check it out!


Timeblind has cancelled their set on October 29th. Sorry for the late notice.


The gods continue to smile upon us - local phenomenon-artist Aaron Cayko (A.Frequency) has returned from Poland and has graciously stepped up to be SIL2K's official announcer and pan-dimensional translator. Keep an eye out for him at future shows!


We've moved to Mondays! The May 31st show with Reggie Watts, Barricade and sub_sonic was our last show on a Wednesday (except for the Improv Fest).


Our first CD is available on MP3.com! It's called "Game Pieces - Volume I" and has 8 tracks of some of the best game pieces from the first three SIL2K shows. Only 10 bucks - get yours today!


Here are the press releases from previous shows: